Flex-Sol-Evo: New Lead Types for the Requirements of Tomorrow

mc-flex-sol-evoIn order to keep up with customer requirements in the cable area and to cover forthcoming requirements, Multi-Contact AG has launched a selection of new leads called Flex-Sol-Evo.

The Flex-Sol-Evo leads, which feature stranded fine-wire core conductors and double insulation, stand out from their competitors thanks to their excellent quality. The efficient design allows for a compact installation through wiring of the panels at module level or the distribution boxes/inverters at string level. The Flex-Sol-Evo leads are covered by a range of different certifications, from the simple TÜV certification for 1 kV through to UL and EN certification for 1.5 kV, enabling customers to choose from an extensive range of solutions. The tried-and-tested properties of the Flex-Sol-XL leads, such as RoHS certification, low smoke emissions, halogen-free design, and low flammability, are all present in the new leads as well. One of the highlights in terms of the electrical properties is the fine- wire core conductor, which is capable of carrying high currents, while on the mechanical properties side, the exceptional mechanical ruggedness is worth singling out. The product characteristics are rounded out with high processing stability thanks to the irradiation cross-linking of the components.