Pickering to Showcase New Two Pole Reed Relays at Electronica

pickering-2-form-a-reed-relay-115Pickering Electronics will be showcasing its latest high density range, including the addition of two pole reed relays to their established Series 115, at Electronica on 8 – 11, November 2016 on booth B1.550.



The newly released Series 115, 2 Form A relays can switch up to 15 Watts, 1 Amp and require a board area of only 0.15 x 0.4 inches (4mm x 10mm), an increase of only 50% over the single pole version. These relays are the ideal choice for high density two pole matrices and multiplexers.

Two switch types are available. Both types have sputtered ruthenium contacts for long life and high reliability. Switch type number 1 is better suited for general purpose applications. It has a layer of copper beneath the ruthenium to help dissipate the heat from the contact area. This gives an improved current inrush handling ability. Switch type number 2 should be chosen for low level or ‘cold’ switching applications.

The Series 115 are pin compatible with the established Pickering Series 116 and 117 but have a slightly higher profile (allowing higher power and current ratings). All three relay ranges are intended for very high density applications such as A.T.E. switching matrices or multiplexers.