TFC’s Low cost/Low phase noise DIL OCXO’s

c519eef3-29d4-4709-9775-e3e8471c682eLow cost /Low phase noise DIL OCXO’s, available in TFC’s Precision Dual-in-Line (DIL) Oven Controlled Oscillators range, and there are two options: AT-cut and SC-cut, with voltages from 3.3V to 12V. Standard frequencies available are 10.0MHz AT-cut and 100.0MHz available in the SC cut variant.

AT cut DIL OCXOs have several advantages over the SC cut options, most notably the considerably lower cost, wider adjustment range, significantly less power to run and perform better in shock survivability tests.

SC cut DIL OCXOs have advantages over the AT cuts. They provide excellent minimal phase noise and much better long term ageing from +/-0.15 ppm max./year in comparison to the AT cut +/-0.5 ppm max./year, both after 30 days continuous operation.

The SC cut phase noise for single sideband shown below:
– 90dBc/Hz, fo+10Hz
– 120dBc/Hz, fo+100Hz
– 150dBc/Hz, fo+1KHz
– 163dBc/Hz, fo+10KHz
– 165dBc/Hz, fo+100KHz

The standard temperature range covered is -40oC to 70oC with a package height of 8.5 mm for the SC cut and 7.2 mm for the AT-cut.