Industries First Patented Buck-Reset Forward Topology delivers 92% Efficiency in DC/DC Converter

Ideal Power today announced the 27COE Eighth Brick Series of DC/DC Converters, a generation which excels in all aspects of industrial power requirements.

backdropCombining the latest innovative topology design and modern components, this range is ideal for such industrial applications as Networking and Telecom Equipment, LCD monitors, industrial control systems and wireless devices that use a 24V or 48V input bus.

The 27COE range boasts high performance levels, meeting efficiencies of up to 92%. It is designed to meet low outputs of up to 1.5A/132W/50A, and offers beneficial protection measurements such as Buck-Reset Forward technology, which reduces power loss and improves reliability by reducing the amount of components required at any one time.

All this power is maintained within an industry standard eighth-brick pin assignment on a multi-layer, single sided circuit board. The unit also facilitates a sink-plate to enhance thermal performance, and is available in an enclosed version, ideal for extreme environmental conditions.

These UL Approved units are designed and manufactured by Glary Power Technology. Known for their innovative design solutions and cutting-edge technology and referred to by Ideal Power’s Sales and Marketing Manager, Jon Vallis as “the elite choice for DC/DC power conversion”.