Customer Connections Fuel Bespoke Connector Growth

esuk-nov16-p14_15-pei-genesis1As we see the year ahead approaching, PEI Genesis’ new European managing director, Jonathan Parry, believes big things are in the works for buyers, engineers and indeed all its customers across Europe.

“It’s an exciting time,” he said. “We are expanding service offerings and moving into new markets and geographies – all while keeping the customer at the centre of everything we do.”


Having taken up his role at the precision connector and cable assembly specialist in August 2016, Parry brings with him a clear dedication to customers. This is the same ethos that he has cultivated through many years in industries including electronics, lighting, building materials, and retail grocery.

Parry explained: “All of my previous experience has taught me that we must start every customer interaction with the question: How are we going to delight our customers, both existing and new?”

Industrial support

That customer-centred philosophy permeates all of the company’s strategies, including expansion into new vertical markets. Currently, there are about 250 engineering, sales, operations and support staff throughout PEI-Genesis’ European operations. Most are based in the head office and production facility in Southampton, UK, with others in offices in Paris, Stuttgart, Milan, and Istanbul. Across Europe, PEI-Genesis is now ramping up offerings to customers in the industrial sector, which is especially robust throughout UK and Germany.

First, the team appointed a dedicated business development manager to focus solely on industrial customers. Now outreach and research is underway to best understand what customers need most in this important sector. This has led in part to an expansion of PEI-Genesis’ line card product offerings as it works to ensure a one-stop solution for customers with cable and connector needs.

Parry continued: “We have to ask what customers need from us, and then put in place the structure, resources, stock, new suppliers and services, needed to grow our share within that marketplace. We’ve been successful in this sector before, but are now laser-focused on ways to better serve those customers.”

Parry and the team are also seeing connector and cable growth in other industries, such as aviation and oil and gas. Ultimately, the team is broadening its scope to encompass new geographies, such as Eastern Europe and, of course, supporting PEI-Genesis’ expansion
into Asia.

Extreme expertise

The ability to create custom designed connectors for use in harsh environments like military, aerospace and offshore oil production, is a significant difference between PEI-Genesis and its competitors, according to Parry.

“We are not an everyday distributor of connectors and cable assemblies,” Parry explained. “We focus on becoming trusted advisors, working with customers to understand requirements for each specific job and creating the best solutions on design, price, quality and service.”

This ability to create custom solutions is backed by design and engineering expertise, which permeates the company. About 25 trained engineering product experts work on-site in Southampton to bring custom designs to customers throughout the European region. They understand and comply with the specifications and approvals needed for connector and cable production in Europe.

In addition, PEI-Genesis has recently acquired FilConn, an Arizona-based design and manufacturing platform, which specialises in creating precision filtered custom connectors for harsh environments. FilConn is said to bring a reputation with customers who require low-volume, custom solutions quickly, complementing
PEI-Genesis’ offerings and business model.

Parry said: “Connectors, especially those used in hazardous environments, can be a complex area in which to work. Our specialists get involved early in the design cycle, taking away the headaches for customers
trying to find the right
solution for their application. Between our in-house engineers and those at FilConn, we understand the requirements and will develop high quality bespoke solutions for a variety of needs and environments.”

Parry concluded: “I will continue to make sure that the customer is at the heart of everything we do. We’re working to design and offer solutions that will solidify our place as a trusted advisor to our customers. Those are the kinds of long-term relationships that will weather the good times and the bad.”