Sourcing never sleeps

View More: looking for global sourcing support require a distributor that can offer consistency and communication across multiple locations, explains founder and chief executive officer of Fusion Worldwide, Peter LeSaffre.


When describing your company’s reach to prospective clients, there’s no denying that listing international locales has a certain appeal. In the fast-paced world of electronic component distribution, however, simply posting a couple of staff in major cities across the world isn’t enough. Companies must be truly global to compete, with robust teams in each locale. Many companies can be international; few can be truly global.

Maintain consistency

The main difference between an international company and a global one is that a global distributor is not determined by location, but by connectivity, allowing each of its international offices to work seamlessly and efficiently towards the same goals. Often, companies have various locations, each of which is focused regionally, while companies operating with a global ethos will offer consistency, providing global support within different regions.

Although each Fusion office undoubtedly has its own mix of talent and culture, each of its operations is fundamentally the same. It should operate the same processes, access, quality standards, business model and strategic vision. All of these factors must remain uniform across sites to ensure that the customer experience is the same, no matter what the location. This reflects a global company’s commitment to a high level of response and service.

Seamless communication

Communication is paramount when it comes to successfully running a global company. Fully staffed and strategically placed offices, along with a proprietary customer relationship management tool, allow Fusion Worldwide to communicate easily and continuously between its locations in Boston, Singapore, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, and two sites in the USA: Wilmington, Massachusetts and a new office in San Jose, California.

Using the proprietary Scout tool, all information is updated in real-time and immediately available to employees, 24-hours a day, regardless of where they are. This plays an important role in supporting the company’s global workforce, ultimately giving customers easy access to solutions should an immediate need arise.

Gaps in the supply chain cannot always be anticipated, so time is always of the essence. Sourcing parts and negotiating pricing around the globe, and around clock, is therefore a huge benefit for customers. As a further reassurance, if something does go wrong, a Fusion employee can be at a customer or vendor site on short notice. Finally, customers can also communicate in their preferred language.

Know your audience

Achieving and maintaining a global presence is the backbone to achieving an outstanding reputation in the electronics sourcing industry. Beyond simply directing multiple international offices towards the same goal, global companies must consider a number of elements as they pertain to each office’s business and the company as a whole. Factors including the environment, political climate and culture of each location play a significant role in how each site needs to be managed. Having an awareness of these elements allows global companies to be proactive in their efforts to streamline communications.

In an ever-changing world, it is vital to establish ways to communicate and operate efficiently because no matter the market, the sun never truly sets on a global company.