Components have the power to change the future

esna-nov_dec16-p16-mouser1For those in the technology business, this is a thrilling time because these days, everyone feels the impact of technology. Arguably, it is making our lives better, or at the very least, more fascinating.

A smartphone or tablet, for example, is the electronic equivalent of the classic Swiss Army Knife. Need to deposit a check? Simply snap a picture of it and two clicks later you’re done, with no bank visit required. Need a ride? Request one from Uber and the driver arrives in minutes, no cash required. Read the news, watch TV or movies, find your way to a distant point guided by GPS, and more, all from a device the size of a small notepad.

The future holds yet more promise, mainly because of the creative problem-solving skills of engineers designing products using electronic components. Mouser is therefore excited to be introducing new products for over 600 component manufacturers, helping to fast-track the design process for the world’s electronic design engineers.

Creative solutions

In 2017 and beyond, we will see even more devices and gadgets that will save time, money, labor, resources and lives. Take the self-driving car as an example. The global automotive electronics control market alone is poised to reach approximately $66.8 billion by 2025. Advances in electronic component technology, including sensors, are making this possible.

Technology will make driving safer, staying in shape easier, balancing the electrical grid simpler and diagnosing medical conditions more precise, to name but a few things. All of these fantastic developments begin at the component level, where tiny devices and computer programs work together to deliver solutions that were only a futuristic vision years ago.

Millions of these leading edge electronic components are sold every year by Mouser Electronics and shipped out the same day to hundreds of thousands of customers across the globe. Looking ahead, Mouser is optimistic because every day it helps customers find the technical solutions that will, one day, shape our future.