ODU-MAC® Modular Connectors

csm_odu-mac_s-rahmen_510d72adacODU Connectors announce a major expansion of their ODU-MAC modular connector range – the result of technology transfer from their pedigree in military connectors – now incorporated into this industrial connector series.

Three major variants provide the ultimate pick’n’mix – whether current, signals, data rates, pneumatics or fibre-optics – all can be incorporated.

ODU-MAC Silver-Line The all-rounder for automatic docking – six different docking-frame types, each in customizable lengths, with multiple modules including 30 high-speed data options.

ODU-MAC White-Line The option for manual mating – the same technical performance as the Silver-Line, but in a multiple choice of metal and plastic housings, with snap-in, spindle or lever locking.

ODU-MAC Blue-Line The tool-free clip-mounted version – ideal for on-site assembly, with loading and unloading of the crimp contacts possible even after assembly and faulty clipping-in of modules prevented through both mechanical and visual coding.