Switchtec’s high power PCB terminal blocks range is versatile and easy to use

sw0137-euroclamphipowerpcbtmlsMeeting the need for PCB terminal blocks for use in applications requiring higher current and voltage capabilities, distributor Switchtec has introduced Euroclamp’s MV series of high power terminal blocks. 

Manufacturers are demanding higher rated PCB terminal blocks for use in applications such as AD/DC inverters, motor control and battery storage, which due to their nature require terminal blocks capable of handling high voltages and high currents.  Euroclamp has designed the new range of high power terminal blocks specifically to fulfil these requirements.

The expansive range of MV terminals embraces many different types and formats to exactly meet the needs of the specific requirements; they are ‘no compromise’ components.  The range includes models with current carrying capabilities from 16A up to 125A.   Specifically they are the 16A rated MVE27, the MVSP25 and MVSP27 at 24A, the MV46, the MV47 and MV49 at 32A, MVL47 at 41A, MV10VA at 49A, MV10 at 70A, and the ‘monster’ MVP35 at 125A. Voltage ratings up to 1000V are available.

Not only are the terminals versatile in their range of power ratings, but also in terms of pitch size, embracing options of 5.08mm, 7.5mm, 7.62mm, 6.35mm, 9.52mm, 10.16mm, 12.7mm and 15mm. Some pitch sizes were chosen to address specific market needs and demands, whilst others were needed to meet the capacity and clearance requirements of the PCB pin and cables commonly used.

Euroclamp’s MV high power PCB terminals from Switchtec are available as standard in green, but as with all Euroclamp’s terminal blocks they can also be purchased in red, yellow, blue, orange and black.  Euroclamp is also able to offer special colours upon request if a particular shade of colour is needed. Other customised versions are available such as with a longer pin length, or even with modifications to the plastic or metal parts, as needed to meet a particular requirement.  The terminals can also be manufactured from plastics that comply with EN60335-1 ‘resistance to heat and fire’ suitable for use in domestic appliances.

The MV PCB terminals have been designed to make cable entry quick and easy, as sometimes manufacturers fall down on this simple point, making wiring frustratingly difficult and time consuming.  They are designed to accept cable sizes up to 35mm2 (2AWG) stranded or rigid (solid) cable or 2 x 10mm2 (2x8AWG) cables.

Euroclamp’s high power PCB terminals series are CE marked and are cUL, VDE and IMQ approved.  They are all IP20 ‘touch proof’ as standard and have an impressive operating temperature range of -40 to plus 130 degrees C, and are manufactured from PA –UL94V0 plastic, making them suitable for many applications.

As a true specialist in the field of designing and manufacturing terminal blocks, Euroclamp used its vast experience to produce the MV high power PCB terminal block series.  By adapting and developing existing technologies and processes, together with its extensive knowledge of the marketplace, Euroclamp has been able to add the MV PCB terminal series terminal to its range.

Euroclamp MV PCB terminal blocks from Switchtec will find favour with OEMs, CEMs, the photovoltaic industry, electronics manufacturers, PCB manufacturers and assemblers and those in building automation.