Gateway Electronic Components appointed UK distributor for Susumu

Handshake.jpgGateway Electronic Components has signed an agreement with Japanese manufacturer Susumu to distribute its range of specialist thin-film technology components in the UK.


Gateway’s sales and product management team will support UK customers by using its expertise to help identify the most suitable products for clients’ applications, providing sample kits for development and evaluation.


Since 1964 Susumu has been a leading player globally in the development of thin-film technologies to facilitate the creation of ultra-high precision resistive products including fixed resistors, resistor networks and trimmable resistors alongside current sensing resistors and chip attenuators.


As leaders in thin-film deposition, precision photo etching, laser machining and high density packaging technology, Susumu has developed products to provide customers with the precision and miniaturisation they require. The company uses 1/100th micrometre ultra-thin metal film in most of its products, enabling miniaturisation and high density packaging. Offering resistance tolerance as low as 0.01% and temperature coefficient of resistance of 1ppm per degree Celsius, Susumu’s products are particularly suitable for use in high precision electronic applications including test and measuring equipment, industrial machinery, consumer electronics, audio, and automotive electronics. The excellent high frequency characteristics of thin film products make them very suitable for wideband and wireless applications.


Gateway Electronic Components Managing Director Martin Ford comments ‘Susumu is a leading and trusted name in precision thin film technology. For the past 50 years, it has been driving for manufacturing synergy across its 4 key technology areas to achieve leading edge products for constantly emerging markets. Susumu products have found a wide variety of applications in demanding environments and we’re delighted to be able to offer their products to our customers’.


Susumu prides itself on its corporate principles of innovation, efficiency and environmentalism. The thin-film processes use the least amount of resistive material possible, the manufacturing employs fewer sintering and curing processes and the end product is small without losing functionality. Susumu products have a smaller carbon footprint, helping to conserve the earth’s resources, and because they are all fully RoHS-compliant and halogen-free they are more eco-friendly than other resistor manufacturing technologies.