Save time sourcing know-how

Mouser 2Buyers rely on Mouser Electronics to provide the newest semiconductors and components, but to really get the most from these parts, they also need up to the minute information and specifications.

To keep customers ahead of the technology curve, Mouser hosts a number of applications and technologies sites, accessed via the website. They provide information on industry trends, tutorials, videos, white papers and articles covering more than 30 vertical markets — all in a user-friendly format that can save hours of research.

Get info early on
Senior vice president of marketing, Kevin Hess, said: “Technology is rapidly evolving and customers need to know about the latest technical advancements as they happen. This is most important at the beginning of the design cycle, when engineers are focusing on system-level plans rather than on components.”

The sites therefore focus on today’s most relevant topics including: automotive, industrial, robotics, open source hardware, lighting, energy harvesting, harsh environments, low power, motion control, test and measurement, programmable logic, radio frequency wireless, sensor, solar, touch and wireless mesh networking. They are continually updated to provide the newest information, which can speed time to market on new designs.

Each site features original content, videos, application notes and technical articles, plus the latest relevant products. Technical resources include articles covering industry trends and design issues, as well as application design notes, tutorials, white papers, videos and other solution-based material.

Kevin Hess continued: “The sites highlight solutions based on specific applications. For example, we feature block diagrams of popular products, with clickable navigation that takes users to recommended components for specific system functions. In this way, we strive to help both buyers and design engineers maximize their time.”

In addition to the applications and technologies sites, Mouser keeps buyers and engineers in the know with technical e-newsletters, each providing key information around a specific application or area of technology development. Mouser also works closely with its 600 manufacturer partners to coordinate new product launches and provide all the technical documentation customers need.

Search smart
To further support customers looking for specific information, Mouser recently introduced several new ways to locate product data on-line, including searching and browsing by datasheets, images and newest products. Customers can also find products through the site’s parametric product search. A new ‘Scope Search’ function allows customers to instantly focus part searches by product category, or search Mouser’s entire inventory.

Once the right part has been identified, Mouser provides various tools to help buyers order products easily. EZ Buy, project manager and cart/project share tools can all help customers prepare projects and purchase components efficiently, with staff on hand in 22 locations worldwide to offer personalized technical support.

Even with all these features and services, it still comes down to Mouser having the right parts in stock and delivering accurate orders. With today’s design constraints, there’s no room for error. To this end, Mouser aims to provide same-day shipping and fast order delivery to nearly every corner of the globe.