XP Power delivers wide input 6W and 8W DC-DC Converters in an ultra-compact DIP-16 package

XP Power today announced two new series of fully isolated DC-DC converters in an ultra-compact DIP-16 package, offering a very high power density of up to 50W/in3. With two ultra-wide input voltage ranges, they are ideal for any application that requires through-hole mount DC-DC converters compliant with global Information Technology Equipment (ITE) safety approvals IEC60950-1 and UL/cUL60950-1.

Using the latest design techniques, the JWE06 (6W total output power) and JWE08 (8W total output power) DC-DC converters offer 1500 VDC isolation with single or dual output voltages. Both ranges offer devices with either 3.3, 5, 12, 15 or 24VDC single, and ±12V or ±15VDC dual outputs. Each series is able to operate from two ultra-wide input voltage ranges; 9V to 36V and 18V to 75V, with up to 87% efficiency. All models feature undervoltage lockout.

All devices in both series meet EN55032 Level A EMI standards, meaning no additional external filtering is required. This can save both PCB space and BoM cost. They also feature an extended operating temperature range of -40℃ to +105℃, with no derating or forced air cooling required up to +70℃.  The JWE06 and JWE08 series have zero minimum load requirements and achieve a typical line regulation of ±0.2% and load regulation of ±0.5%. For dual output models, cross regulation is a maximum of ±5.0% for load variation on one output of between 25% and 100% while the other output is fixed at 100%.

The industry-standard DIP-16 metal cased package measures just 23.8mm by 13.7mm by 8.0mm. This level of integration offers developers the opportunity to reduce overall PCB area or add additional features into existing product profiles.

These class-leading features coupled with their small outline, excellent isolation and industry standard safety compliance make the JWE06 and JWE08 DC-DC converters ideal for a wide range of applications including Automation & Process Control, Broadcast, Fixed and Mobile Telecommunications, Networking & Data-communications, as well as Instrumentation and Specialist Equipment.

The JWE06 series is priced at $18.74 for 500 pcs orders and is available from Allied Electronics, Digi-Key, Newark or direct from XP Power and come with a 3-year warranty.