PEI-Genesis introduces the new Trolex® Falcon Series connector

PEI-Genesis is a global authorized value-add distributor for the Trolex® Falcon Series.  This innovative interconnect design provides a fast and secure connecting system for power and data cables in hazardous areas.

The Falcon Series Ex d connectors incorporate a live disconnect capability for short periods to allow for maintenance or change out of equipment.  The revolutionary two-stage bayonet coupling system provides exceptionally fast mating and de-mating with maximum safety and is highly tolerant of contaminants and debris.

Designed with a rear-loading assembly system allowing complete cable termination in just a few minutes and requiring no special tools or equipment, the Falcon Series will save time, money, and reduce downtime while providing a vigorous and long lasting connection solution for hazardous environments.

With USB and fiber optic options available, these ATEX and IECEx certified connectors are an ideal choice for mining, processing plants, offshore, oil and gas, and other hazardous industrial applications. Available for in-line cable and direct box mounting to Ex d enclosures.

PEI-Genesis assembles and ships the Falcon Series globally.