Transducers USA Introduces New Tonelight™ Series Warning Indicators

Transducers USA, a leading supplier of audible signal devices, has announced the introduction of its new Tonelight™ Series of warning indicators. The revolutionary feature of these panel-mounted devices is its unique combination of audible and LED warning signals. Tonelight annunciators emit both sound and flashing lights, which is especially desirable in environmental conditions with high levels of ambient noise.

All Tonelight units provide distinct audio/visual warnings with flashing LED lights and repetitive audio alerts. The sound and light alert signals can be emitted simultaneously or separately. In addition, Tonelight allows the audible alert signal to be delayed, allowing workers to have time to respond to visual alerts before the audible beeping begins.

This feature is ideally suited where excess noise is either undesirable or hard to detect. The Tonelight indicators are ideal for potentially serious events where both audio and visual warnings are needed. Typical applications for Tonelight include: Alarms of all types, Low-voltage, Low-pressure, High-radiation, Tank Level, Cycle Status, Dangerous Condition, High-temperature and Liquid Detector.

Transducers USA customers are finding the Tonelight warning indicators very helpful in many applications, such as: On dashboards of RVs, off- and on-road highway and other vehicular equipment, providing warning when the contents of storage or collection tanks are either full or empty, Industrial machines and factory floor operations, Restaurant kitchens, Mobile and portable applications.

Several Tonelight models are available with either plastic housings or stainless steel housings for use in harsh environments. These models are sealed and IP50 rated. Beepers emit at >80 dB. Lens color options include red, green, yellow, orange, blue and white. These warning indicators utilize standard 22mm panel mounting. The voltage operation for the series spans AC and DC: 6V, 12V, 24V, 48V and 110V. Another Tonelight model features a light and siren annunciator combination. Its standard lens color is red, and the siren operates at 110dB+3dB.