Cost effective environmentally friendly RF cables from HUBER+SUHNER

HUBER+SUHNER announces a significant addition to its portfolio of halogen free Enviroflex RF cables. Called Enviroflex basic, the cable is mechanically compatible with many standard RG cables allowing users to easily switch from fluorine/PVC-containing cables to a halogen free alternative while still using their existing choice of connectors.

High-temperature RG types use halogen-containing PTFE and FEP while standard RG cables use a solid PE dielectric with a PVC jacket.

Like the original high-temperature and high-precision Enviroflex coax cables, the materials used for the jacket and for the dielectric in Enviroflex basic contain no halogens and is sure to find wide interest among users who are increasingly conscious of their application’s environmental impact.

According to HUBER+SUHNER, Enviroflex basic reduces cost by using common PE dielectrics and LSFH jackets which the company says makes them the perfect choice for less demanding applications. As well as being halogen free, the new cable features excellent low smoke and flame retardancy characteristics.

Cost is further reduced with Enviroflex basic cables thanks the use of tin plated braids instead of the silver used in standard Enviroflex cables. As a result, the operating temperature range is reduced at the high end to 85⁰C.

The standard Enviroflex cable is distinctly identified with a blue line on the jacket. Enviroflex basic features a printed stripe using the HUBER+SUHNER logo for equally easy identification.