Plug in to space savings

DIN rail mounting terminal blocks from CamdenBoss are designed to simplify installation and save valuable PCB real estate inside the enclosure.

With the growth of electronics and electrical applications using DIN rail mounting systems, the need for inventive interconnection solutions is greater than ever. As such, interconnection and enclosures specialist, CamdenBoss, has launched a new range of rising clamp DIN rail mounting terminal blocks designed to provide quick and effective pluggable connections into DIN rail enclosures, while also saving PCB real estate inside the enclosure.

Traditionally, connections to units mounted on a DIN rail would be made using PCB mounted terminal blocks or by DIN rail mounted terminations. In systems where connections are made to DIN rail systems that require periodic disconnection, such as for replacement, maintenance or updating purposes, this has previously required PCB or chassis mounted pluggable terminal blocks to be housed within the DIN rail enclosure, eating into precious space and PCB real estate.

Flexible installation
The advantage of using DIN rail mounting terminal blocks is that customers can make connections independently of the various DIN rail units within a given system. As well as giving installers the flexibility to place the DIN rail terminal blocks anywhere on the rail, CamdenBoss’s new range also possesses another distinctive feature: the ability to unclip and reverse the orientation of the terminal block if necessary. This means that the installation can be rearranged for easier access once complete.This can be particularly advantageous during field installations and ensures that easy access is retained, even in the most cramped applications, or if units are added later.

Fitting terminal blocks to the DIN rail is designed to be straightforward: two mounting adaptors are clipped into place where required and the terminal block clips onto these with a positive click. Reversing the terminal block is said to be equally simple: by applying pressure to the two clips, the terminal block can be removed by sliding upwards.

The CamdenBoss CTBPD96 range of DIN rail mounting terminal blocks is available in 5.0 and 5.08mm pitch versions, in both flanged and non-flanged options from six to 24-poles. Both vertically and horizontally-oriented versions are available and the DIN rail mount is compatible with both 35mm top hat and 32mm G-rail as standard.

Applications include lighting controllers, building management systems, energy management, power supplies, heating and air conditioning controllers, civil and industrial electrical installations and telecommunications.

To complete the picture, CamdenBoss also offers a range of associated ancillary components for DIN rail applications including pluggable terminal blocks to match the DIN rail mounted connectors and a range of DIN rail mounted enclosures.