NEX10: Small coax connector system for small cell mobile communication market

Leading connector suppliers HUBER+SUHNER, RADIALL and ROSENBERGER, announce the launch of NEX10, a jointly developed new RF connector system. The NEX10 is a new small coaxial connector system, offering low PIM and ruggedized design in a compact size, to meet the upcoming space reduction requirements of small cells.

As the telecommunications industry moves towards the small cell approach, the radio and antenna become smaller and ask for a small sized, high performing coaxial RF connector. The highlights of the new connector system are its excellent PIM stability of -166 dBc, flexibility of  coupling mechanism (quick lock and screw), and ruggedized design in a compact size with flange height of 12.7mm to suit the small cell radio and antenna size requirements.

By joining the expertise of three leading RF connector manufacturers in telecommunications industry, the target has been to develop a small coaxial connector system which will meet most of the existing and future demands of small cell networks for 4G and upcoming 5G networks.

The interface was first announced at electronica in November 2016 and it has received great feedback from the market. Now the NEX10 is officially released for mass production and is being designed in with leading telecommunications equipment suppliers, with first roll out planned in Q3, 2017 in USA.