Electronics Supply Chain: the Next 12-Months | Mouser

Senior vice president of products at Mouser Electronics, Jeff Newell

We quizzed Mouser Electronics’ senior vice president of products, Jeff Newell, to find out how the company is prepared for future demand

Q : Are lead times extending?

A : It’s understandable that some manufacturing facilities are concerned about product availability and longer lead times. As products become harder to find, our significant inventory position means that more customers are coming to Mouser with confidence.

We are optimistic about the future, and are stocking more products than ever before; all signs indicate demand will continue, likely pushing lead times further.

Q : What will happen over the coming year?

A : If lead times extend and more product allocation becomes necessary, we may see more supply-chain issues in the next 12 months, especially in the Asia Pacific region. This is why it’s important to deal with authorized distributors like Mouser. We have the professionals and procedures in place to ensure an effective and efficient supply chain.

Q : How can Mouser help?

A : By maintaining our fast, efficient and responsive supply chain. Speed is important because our customers value fast service, but this must be balanced by efficiency, accuracy and the ability to respond quickly to market changes. Mouser takes pride in achieving the right balance to consistently provide extraordinary service.

Q : What about inventory management?

A : On-time delivery of the newest products is a priority at Mouser. We stock the widest selection of the newest technologies and electronic components from our 600-plus supplier partners.

Our products team is relentlessly managing inventory relative to market demand to ensure that the newest products from our supplier base are on the shelf, ready for same-day shipment across the globe. Not only this, our customer service representatives are trained professionals, ready to help buyers procure their parts.