Comptek is Solving a Vital Semiconductor Problem, Namely Oxidation

The semiconductor industry was formed in 60s and has since grown ever since. The worldwide sales of semiconductors reached $31.3 billion for the month of April 2017. The overall market for semiconductors is expected to be worth $60 billion by 2022. Finnish company Comptek Solutions is going to ensure the industry growth with its Kontrox™ technology.

Comptek is solving a vital semiconductor problem, namely oxidation. Compound semiconductor materials are all around us – in LEDs, lasers, photovoltaic devices and we can find them in our mobile phones in different forms, such as IR sensors and RF amplifiers.  These materials are acknowledged for their superior electrical characteristics, surpassing the levels of the well-known silicon.  Despite the potential of these materials, they tend to oxidize very quickly during the manufacturing process, leading to a much lower performance level than what could be achieved.

Comptek tackles this problem with a novel process, discovered and patented by the founders, giving the industry a new tool to push the efficiency of compound semiconductor devices to the next level.


“With our technology, branded as Kontrox™, we are giving compound semiconductor producers the means to push the boundaries of power efficiency much further. This is of extreme importance in booming markets, such as electric cars, self-driving cars, or VR/AR, where the demands for functionality optimization and power savings are critical. We have already achieved the unprecedented levels of performance for some materials and raised the interest of some of the biggest companies in the space worldwide”, says Vicente Calvo Alonso, CEO of Comptek Solutions.

Timo Tirkkonen, Partner at Inventure comments: “We are very impressed with what the team have achieved so far. The proprietary technology developed by Comptek shows a tremendous increase in performance and quality in the compound semiconductor process. We believe that the technology will be a crucial part of the next-generation semiconductor products.”

The Finnish company aims to expand its activities and offerings globally and to see its technology implemented into leading manufacturing factories worldwide. Implementation of new processes in this industry is a long and hard process. Plus, the company needs to enter semiconductor markets, such as China and the US. A Global Industry Analysts (GIA) report says that the US is the largest market for industrial semiconductors although the Asia/Pacific is the fastest growing on account of its being a manufacturing hub.