M16 flange socket from binder provides a secure EMC connection on PCBs

binder UK, an industry and technology leader specialising in industrial circular connectors, announces new M16 flange sockets which have been designed with a ground pin to give the new connectors a secure EMC connection on printed circuit boards.

M16 connectors are widely used in test and measurement and control applications as well as medical and audio technology.

The Series 680, 723 use a standard M16 panel cut-out and, according to binder, are intermateable with all M16 plug and cable components.

With versions rated to IP40 and IP67, these are female mass contact connectors rated at 3 to 7A (60 to 250V). binder UK can supply these M16 flange sockets with 3 to 12 contacts and termination is dip solder.