TE Connectivity offers the Intercontec M12 Motor Connector


TE Connectivity (TE), is the first company to offer a 630 V power class connector for small servo motors that provides all-in-one connectivity for power, signal and data. Their Intercontec M12 Motor Connector is a compact, robust metal connector for installations based on one-cable solutions and covers the digital transmission of 2- and 4- wire encoder protocols like Hiperface DSL, BiSS, EnDat 2.2, ACURO link and SCS open link.

“As servo motor applications become smaller and smaller, requirements for miniaturization in associated components are growing all the time,” says Siegfried Funk, industry marketing manager at TE Connectivity. “In particular, there is a need for powerful but compact quick-connect safety fasteners. TE is the first company in world to offer an angled, single cable solution in this power class.”

With rotatable angled receptacles for flexible mounting, a fast locking system, and IP66/67 protection against dust and water, TE’s M12 Motor Connector enables fast, cost-efficient and reliable termination.

The connector’s robust, nickel-plated metal connector provides reliable 360-degree EMC shield connection as well as a protective ground connection. For motor side connections, this makes it possible to dispense with the protective ground contacting in the motor housing while guaranteeing full compliance with all relevant standards. The connection has UL94 V-0 approval, which is the highest flame resistance rating.

TE’s M12 Motor Connector is available in a freely field-mountable version. Users can choose from 6-pin (5 + PE) and 8-pin (3 + PE + 4) pole arrangements. TE is also developing a design with a “4.tec” assembly concept that can be processed automatically.

This M12 Motor Connector can be used in applications across numerous markets such as robotics, agricultural machines, construction machines, machine tools, material handling, forklifts, industrial and commercial transportation, elevators, wind turbines, food and beverage, chemical equipment, packaging, and more.