M-TEK Investment in agility pays off

With analytics and connectivity set to drive manufacturing in the future, M-TEK believes its policy of investing in agile tools is already starting to pay off.

The next wave of industrial manufacturing leaders will build an ecosystem that capitalises on the promise of analytics and connectivity to maximize efficiency for themselves and their customers. They will prioritise measures that bring the most value and get closer to customers’ needs. “They can succeed”, says Frederick Kayrouz -General Manager at M-TEK, “if we move forward in smart and deliberate strides”.

So, what are customers’ priorities? Surveys undertaken over the past year indicate that 92 per cent of manufacturers say product quality defines success in the eyes of their customers. Just over half find their customers most frequently demand short notice production capabilities as a value-added service, while 50 per cent define success as meeting on-time deliveries consistently.

Since 2015, M-TEK has focused on equipping its plants and employees with agile tools to stay in step with customers who expect every manufacturing experience to be as intuitive as an online Amazon purchase. The company has invested in providing accurate, real-time feedback 24/7 to customers and partners. Consequently, the past two quarters have seen an unrivalled intake and on-time delivery of new product introductions (NPI) and large volume full turnkey contracts, from PCB fabrication to full product assembly, for sectors ranging from internet of things (IoT) to oil and gas through renewable energy and large tier one security contracts.

In its efforts towards engineering excellence, M-TEK’s strategy has focused on combining expertise in interpreting operational data, with the introduction of robotics for repetitive and manual tasks. “Production teams can then focus on more valuable tasks to deliver quality and compliance and reduce global supply chain risk through better supplier collaboration and maximise production efficiency” added Kayrouz. This, combined with further investment in technologies such as 3D CT scans, robotisation and clean controlled environments, has enabled M-TEK to challenge current design, fabrication and production concepts and methodologies by establishing new manufacturing throughput performances, and focusing on engineering and production excellence.

M-TEK is proud to announce it will be exhibiting at the Southern Manufacturing Show, on Stand D95 from the 06th of February 2018 until the 08th of February 2018.