Aegis Software and MAX Partner to Deliver Integrated MES and ERP Solution

Aegis Software, a global provider of Manufacturing Execution Software (MES) and MAX, a leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution for small and medium-sized discrete manufacturers, have teamed up to provide an integrated solution.  This complementary combination will help manufacturers become more agile and responsive to customized and changing demands, ultimately increasing operational efficiency and elevating customer experience and satisfaction.

The partnership combines two best-in-class solutions.  The MAX ERP solution manages the business functions such as purchasing, material planning, sales, and inventory management to help an enterprise run smoothly.  Users can now add the functionality of the MES platform from Aegis, FactoryLogix®, which manages the manufacturing production lifecycle: from product launch to material logistics, through manufacturing execution, ensuring that production is in line with demands.  This powerful combination can lead to significant improvements such as increasing overall equipment efficiency, improving inventory accuracy and demand forecasting, reducing cycle times, ensuring compliance, and boosting profit margins.

“Increasing complexity of data, competition, customer demands, and lower margins are just some of the pressures forcing manufacturers to become more agile and responsive.  Companies committed to achieving next-level manufacturing excellence cannot rely on either ERP or MES solutions alone when it comes to digitizing manufacturing,” said Jason Spera, CEO of Aegis Software.  “ERP solutions specialize in planning and scheduling, and as a result, they often do not provide the real-time granularity that is critical for tightly controlling and coordinating production, materials, quality control, and processes.  By partnering with MAX, we are providing a complementary offering that enables manufacturers to leverage the best-in-class capabilities of both solutions for maximized efficiencies and returns.”

This joint solution seamlessly connects the shop floor to the top floor enabling real-time information exchange between the business layer and the production layer tying together manufacturing, supply chain, and financial data.  “At MAX we are committed to delivering powerful ERP solutions that optimize the supply chain for discrete manufacturers.  The integration between MAX and FactoryLogix eliminates the traditional barriers of disparate silos, ensuring a free flow of information exchange between ERP and MES to achieve greater efficiencies,” said Fiona Beckstrom, General Manager of MAX.  “Leading manufacturers can now tap into the critical data they need to address today’s manufacturing pressures and transform into Smart Factories that are lean and more aligned with the overall supply chain.”