CW, a complete new range of industrial switches with 22 mm bushing

Manufactured by IDEC, this new range offers pushbutton switches, pilot lights, selector and key switches in an ergonomic modern and complementary design. With a standard bushing of 22 mm and a lot of customization possibilities, each product benefits from 50 years of experience to constitute the newest IDEC offer of 22 mm industrial switches, gathering all latest technologies and design with the CE, UL & CCC recognition.

A complete range with a lot of customization possibilities
Pushbutton, selector, key selector switches and pilot lights are offered in a consistent design. There are many options to customize each product in its look or its functionality: flush or prominent buttons, plastic or metallic bezel, possibility of illumination & up to 6 contacts per switch.

Design and style
The CW series gives a sleek & stylish image to your machine or control panel. Because of the slim profile (only 2.5mm), the surface is safer as there is less chance of unexpected operation or accident by hitting the switch. The design also means that the switch is cleaner as it has less dust build-up.

Short depth behind the panel: Space-saving design
Short depth behind the panel (39.9mm) allows for smaller machines and panels. Up to 3 contact blocks (non-illuminated models) or 2 contact blocks (illuminated models) can be installed.

Enhanced security and safety
IDEC’s original two-action push-turn locking lever provides a higher level of safety by preventing unexpected release of the locking lever. In addition, the position of the locking lever can be used to verify if the contact block was installed securely by checking from the back of the panel. The locking lever integrated with guard prevents locking lever from unexpected release or damage by trapped wires. The IP20 Finger-safe terminals prevent electrical shock.

Order switch block and actuator separately
To answer all customer needs, there is the possibility to order separately the contact block and actuator or to order a complete unit already assembled.

The CW range is perfectly suited for industrial machinery, electrical cabinet and commercial equipment (appliances, gaming, vending). The CW range will also be appreciated in all other installations needing shallow behind-panel depth, heavy-duty performance or attractive appearance.