Connecting buyers with an approved solution

Investment in value-added assembly facilities, backed by an array of industry approvals, ensures NYK Component Solutions provides buyers with a vital link in the aerospace and defence supply chain.

‘Daunting’ and ‘time-consuming’ are just two of the words typically used to describe the process of sourcing connector and interconnect product for the aerospace and defence industry. With increasing lead times on manufacture and product availability becoming an issue for many buyers, reliable distributors, with the correct certification and approvals, play a major part in the supply chain.

To address these challenges, NYKCS has invested time and resources in a new quality system backed by industry approvals. Not only is it now holding more stock, it has also taken steps to become a value add distributor, enabling it to assemble approved product quickly to buyers’ exact requirements.

Approved assembly
Working with Conesys in the USA and Conesys Europe in France, NYK Component Solutions has set up an assembly facility that is fully approved to AS9100 Rev D for value added assembly of aerospace and commercial connectors in accordance with OEM documentation, techniques and piece parts, and AS9120 Rev B for the sales, logistics and distribution of electromechanical interconnect components for the aerospace, military, oil and gas markets. Not only this, the site is also approved to ISO9001 2015, which according to NYKCS, makes it the only UK distributor in these markets to hold all these approvals.

For buyers, these fully audited supply chain systems and processes mean buyers can safely purchase both finished components and custom connectors from one source. Strong relationships with supplier partners ensure NYKCS offers both extensive stocks of finished goods, as well as the ability to quickly assemble finished connectors, to exact specifications, from its piece part component inventory.

The in-house assembly of Conesys MIL-DTL 38999 Series III connectors, for example, enables NYKCS to supply a range of approved components with short lead times. This capability is offered alongside the company’s other approved connector and interconnect products including MIL-DTL-26482, MIL-DTL-83723, EN2997, ESC10, MIL-DTL-5015 and hyperboloid contacts and connectors.

Working from its Hampshire headquarters, NYKCS operates an integrated quality management and order workflow system designed to provide dependable access to approved and certified components that meet the needs of demanding supply chains. This ensures the franchised distributor can accommodate buyers in military, aerospace, industrial, commercial and automotive sectors.

Access accessories
Supporting the supply of connectors with complementary backshells and accessories, NYKCS is also a fully franchised distributor for Compaero, offering an alternative to product offered by companies such as TE/Polamco and Glenair.

Here too, a ‘value add’ approach to manufacturing from Compaero is said to maintain competitive prices and short lead times for a range of products. Coupled with this, NYKCS holds a large volume of Compaero products including covers, adapters, protective covers, cable clamps and other connector accessories, from simple strain reliefs to submersible EMI/RFI shielded backshells for use in harsh environments. Compaero can also produce custom designed products, in a range of materials and finishes, to meet customer specific requirements.

Working with manufacturers in this way helps NYKCS provide customers with flexible access to an extensive selection of approved interconnect products, including circular connectors, circuit board connectors and connector accessories to meet electro-mechanical interconnect demands across a variety of markets.

In short, NYKCS has evolved to become a ‘one stop shop’ of qualified and approved OEM interconnect products.

Chief executive officer of NYK Component Solutions, Kevin Wells, concluded: “We are focused on providing flexibility and quality of supply to our customers. Extending our services to include value-added custom assembly strengthens this capability further, allowing us to increase both our range of approved components and our responsiveness to customers’ needs.”