Panasonic Polymer Capacitors Offer Good Replacement for MLCCs

MLCC (Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor) shortage issues are currently affecting multiple industries with long lead times. For this reason, Panasonic Capacitors are proving to be a good replacement for MLCCs. There are other advantages to replacing MLCCs with Polymer capacitors. For example, Polymer capacitors offer longer lifetimes- unlike MLCCs- which are necessary for high reliability applications, such as the medical and aerospace industries.

There are four types of Panasonic Polymer capacitors, all available from Inelco Hunter: Hybrid, OSCON, SP-Cap and POSCAP. This variety ensures that solutions can be found for a wide variety of applications across many industries. The key benefits of using Panasonic capacitors include their reliability, efficiency and availability in very small sizes to help with compact designs and reduce costs.

As well as potentially altering existing designs to include different types of capacitors, which are more readily available with shorter lead times, there are also other ways to help further reduce lead times and costs to ensure a consistent  supply of components. For example, suppliers like Inelco Hunter can also help to reduce lead times and costs through their warehousing and logistics service. This service enables you to buy larger volumes of stock at lower prices, and then use Inelco Hunter’s warehouse to store your stock until you are ready for it to be delivered.

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