Improved Metal Core PCB offer at Multi-CB

2.0 W/mK thermal conductivity and 6 working days standard.

Thanks to the significant increase in demand Multi-CB has improved the offer for aluminium core printed circuit boards. At the same time the prices have been reduced due to increased sales. Their PCB online calculator now offers high-quality aluminium core material with a thermal conductivity of 2.0 W/mK and 6 working days (WD) production time as standard. Express production is possible from 2WD.

According to Multi-CB, their standard aluminium core material (2.0 W/mK, insulation 100μm) has up to 92.3% better heat dissipation than usual market material (1.3 – 1.6 W/mK, insulation 100 – 125μm). The improved heat dissipation allows for higher packing density, more stable operating parameters, higher reliability and longer life. Ideal e.g. for laser diodes!
The customer benefits from Mult-CB‘s many years of experience with aluminium core PCBs, also known as IMS PCBs (Insulated Metal Substrate). Aluminium core material with a thermal conductivity of up to 8.0 W/mK is available for the highest demands. Furthermore, Multi-CB also supplies plated-through 2-layer aluminium core circuit boards.

All parameters can be viewed in Multi-CB’s innovative online calculator for printed circuit boards:

The standard parameters are aluminium core thickness 1.5mm with 100μm insulation (2.0 W/mK) and 35μm copper, surface HAL lead-free, white solder resist, scoring and milling. Inclusive are the E-test and an intensive Design Rule Check (DRC). The DRC helps to identify mistakes in advance and to avoid problems for the customer!

Optionally, Multi-CB offers a variety of aluminium, insulation and copper thicknesses, various solder resist and legend print colours, chemical gold surface finish (ENIG) and Z-axis milling / countersinking. The manufactured circuit board can also be delivered UL-certified.

Beyond IMS PCBs, Multi-CB also supports its customers in other aspects of thermal management, such as: Thermal via arrays, design & buildup of the circuit boards, thick copper circuit boards …

About Multi-CB, specialist for high-tech printed circuit boards:

Multi-CB is a leading European supplier of printed circuit boards and SMD stencils, offering both high technology and standard PCBs cost-effectively. The easy-to-use online calculator (www. allows to calculate prices and production days of PCB prototypes and series as well as of SMD stencils around the clock and to order directly or to print a quotation. The wide product range of the printed circuit board-specialist includes among other things, 1-48 layers multilayer starting from 1WD express service, HDI boards with blind and buried vias as well as metal core, flex and rigid-flex boards. All technical possibilities can be found on the Multi-CB website: