Axivion signs global framework agreement with leading automotive supplier

Axivion is pleased to announce that it has concluded a global framework agreement with the Bosch Group in the last quarter of 2018. Software developers at Bosch have been using Axivion tools for around 10 years in the Passive Safety and Active Safety business units of the Chassis Systems Control division, as well as in Car Multimedia and BSH Home Appliances. In the meantime, the Axivion Bauhaus Suite has become the tool of choice for automated architecture verification at Bosch, where it is also used for static code analysis and MISRA checks. The global framework agreement will now make it easier for employees across all the group’s divisions around the world to obtain tried-and-tested Axivion tools.

In adition to architecture verification, Axivion tools are now also used for automated static code analysis of automobile safety systems, which are subject to especially high quality standards. The Axivion Bauhaus Suite stands out for its user-friendly analysis and reporting functions, as well as its seamless integration with existing development environments and other tools, such as Enterprise Architect and IBM Rhapsody. This makes it easy for software developers and architects to guarantee quality and serviceability – even for large software projects.

Axivion uses its capacity for innovation and high R&D investment to ensure that the Axivion Bauhaus Suite is always at the cutting edge of technology. The Professional Services team at Axivion also ensures smooth rollout of the tools and an employee-specific introduction to the functionalities. This results in high acceptance and makes it possible to achieve productive and motivating results rapidly.

For many architects and developers, the Axivion Bauhaus Suite has become an indispensable tool in their everyday work and measurably increases code quality. With the new framework agreement, all Bosch Group employees, including those working in other divisions and at all sites, gain direct access to a reliable tool suite. This enables them to monitor software quality reliably during development, and to secure it for future product generations.