Rail industry certification for Stäubli Electrical Connectors

Stäubli Electrical Connectors has long been a leading supplier of advanced connection equipment to the rail industry, and its commitment to quality has been recognised with its certification to the new rail industry standard ISO/TS 22163.
Based on ISO 9001, the standard replaces IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard) and defines rules for project management, special process control, risk analysis and knowledge management within the rail sector.
Its aim is to ensure the safety and reliability of products used in the industry by defining a high level of quality throughout the supply chain. Adopting a process oriented approach, it includes key performance indicators such as customer satisfaction and adherence to delivery dates.
Among the Stäubli products serving the rail industry is the CT-HE range of modular CombiTac connectors. Designed for connecting battery packs used on rolling stock and other rail applications, they can be configured with or without signal contacts.
A typical configuration has two 12 mm diameter power contacts and twelve 1.6 mm signal contacts for monitoring battery parameters such as temperature. Various sizes of power contacts can accept a wide range of cable cross-sections, and a make first / break last pilot contact can also be included.
The panel mount connectors are ideal for use with rackable, slide-in battery packs where blind connection is necessary. This is helped by alignment tolerances of 3° and +/- 1 mm through standard CombiTac guiding end pieces.
Another modular connector designed for rail applications is the MPC. Rated at 3600 V and up to 700 A, it can be used for connecting transformers, traction motors, inverters and batteries, as well as for inter-carriage power links.
Up to 15 single pole power contacts can be housed in the connector, with up to five joined side by side in up to three layers. Linear versions can be used to produce flat connectors suitable for under-floor mounting.