Introducing the first-ever novel written about the ‘Contract Manufacturing / Electronic Manufacturing Services’ Industry!

‘A primer on an industry that most people don’t know exists……a cautionary tale for those people who do’.

‘The Definition of Experience’ is an action-packed business / financial / technology thriller, about the global industry that manufactures and brings us all our smart phones, laptop computers, cloud servers – and virtually any other electronics products you can think of. Think early business thrillers from Joseph Finder, like ‘Company Man’, ‘Paranoia’, & ‘Power Play’ – meets Michael Crichton’s ‘Disclosure’. 

Think this is boring stuff?   In a US$500 billion dollar global market – with careers, and THAT much money at stake?   Think again…

Jim Adameit is the author of ‘The Definition of Experience’, his debut corporate / technology thriller novel. Jim is a 30+ year veteran of the Contract Manufacturing / Electronic Manufacturing Services (CM/EMS) Industry – an industry which can be sometimes controversial, and always extremely competitive.  He’s held global positions in project management, sales and marketing, contracts, and manufacturing operations. Jim’s confident those in the CM/EMS industry will easily relate to the business aspects, terminology, and drama – and hopeful that others unfamiliar will find this a fascinating and insightful journey into new world.

Jim’s been described as “…the Tom Clancy of corporate techno-thrillers – delightfully complex and wildly entertaining.”    He’s now writing his second novel, the sequel to this one, entitled ‘The Definition of a Secret’.

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