Anglia gives keypads the ‘personal touch’

Designers seeking keypads need no longer compromise with ‘off the shelf’ solutions that just don’t fit the bill.

As part of the Anglia Inception customised components service, Anglia offers keypads tailored specifically to customer requirements. These keypads from Anglia are manufactured and customised by trusted suppliers who have been fully audited to Anglia’s rigorous selection process, ensuring a quality customised product.

Commenting, David Pearson, Technical Director of Anglia, said, “As the primary human machine interface of the equipment, a keypad must not only suit a practical purpose but contribute to the overall aesthetic design. For this reason, the needs of individual customers can be very specific. Anglia’s custom keypads can incorporate customer logos, character legends and even corporate colours. The keypads can be specified in any shape, size or colour with options such as IP and IK ratings where products are to be used in harsh environments. The wide variety of materials on offer can accommodate most applications and budgets.”

Anglia’s range encompasses Silicone Rubber Keypads, Metal Keypads and Membrane Keypads. Silicone Rubber Keypads, manufactured from elastic, nontoxic silicone rubber compounds, are economical and reliable for small, medium and large production runs. They have excellent resistance to temperature and ageing, and can be integrated with printed circuit boards or flexible circuits. Integral SMD LEDs are available in a choice of colour and the customer can choose a tactile or non-tactile feel to the keypad.

Metal Keypads have a higher durability and robustness, making them a great option for use in harsh environments or where they are installed in a public place. They are reliable, tough and inherently water and dust protected. The symbols can be laser etched and the keys can be specified with a tactile feedback.

Membrane Keypads are one of the most popular options, they have good resistance to dirt and fluids and are easy to clean thanks to a flush water-resistant finish. The individual keys on the membrane can be specified with poly-domed or metal domed switch elements giving a range of tactile feedback levels coupled with long life expectancy. Membrane keypads are also able to incorporate a wide range of designs such as instrument dials and gauges which can be backlit with LEDs, for example. They can also accommodate clear windows, allowing for displays to be mounted behind the keypad and making them an extremely versatile option.

The custom keypads offered through Anglia Inception are suitable for a wide range of applications including public terminals, industrial controls and security panels. The latest Anglia Inception brochure gives an overview of its custom product capability. In addition to keypads it covers custom battery packs, custom transformers and custom heatsinks amongst many others. The brochure is available here: