Charcroft samples highest energy-density aluminium electrolytic capacitors at high voltages for energy-storage applications in defence, industry and rail sectors

Charcroft Electronics Ltd. – a specialist distributor and manufacturer of electronic components – is sampling the highest energy-density aluminium electrolytic capacitors from Exxelia for energy-storage applications. Designers of energy-storage applications in the defence, railway, industrial and power-supply sectors can request samples of the FELSIC HC screw-terminal capacitors and SNAPSIC HC snap-in capacitors.

The high density achieved by the aluminium electrolytic capacitors enables a 30 percent reduction in function price and a reduction in board space, weight, and assembly time. Samples of the FELSIC HC capacitors are rated at 200V, 300V or 450V, and the SNAPSIC HC samples at 400V or 450V. Both series deliver low ESR and support an ultra-long lifetime of 8000 hours at 85°C with operation over a temperature range from -40°C to +85°C.

The increase in energy density reduces board space by enabling six FELSIC HC capacitors to replace 12 standard capacitors in energy-storage applications. The full range of voltages is from 10V to 500V and capacitance values from 100µF to 2.7F.

The SNAPSIC HC capacitors simplify battery assembly and have the flexibility to meet custom designs. The 2-pin capacitors provide a full voltage range from 25V to 500V and capacitance values from 33µF to 47,000µF across 24 case sizes.

The range of applications for the FELSIC HC range includes defence, heavy industry and x-ray equipment. The SNAPSIC HC range is optimised to be used for energy-storage applications in railway signalling, power supplies, industrial motors and fans, as well as in UPS industrial converters.