New SVT series introduced as part of Panasonic Industry OS-CON capacitors

With low ESR and excellent noise reduction capability the SVT capacitors are ideal for industrial applications.

Panasonic Industry Europe is continuously developing new series of surface mount Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid capacitors OS-CON and introduces the SVT series.

This new series features low Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) characteristics – even at low temperatures, excellent noise reduction capabilities, and frequency characteristics.

Additionally, the wide temperature rating of -50°C up to +125°C for up to 2.000 hours proves the robustness and a long lifespan of this development and enables operation in high-reliability applications.

Depending on the model of the SVT, the new capacitors feature a rated voltage of 2.5V to 16V and 2.5V to 50V and a low ESR of only 12mΩ to 35mΩ. The capacitance range is rated from 18µF up to 2700µF.

The new SVT series capacitors ensure optimal quality and reliability that renders them ideal for industrial purposes like advanced power supply, server applications, industrial PCs, or base stations.

The Panasonic SVT series capacitors are Halogen free and RoHS compliant.