Nano Electronic Services, a new concept in offering UK based manufacturing services

Designed to change the way the market works with contract manufacturers. Instead of working for one factory, we work for many.

No longer are we restricted by what one supplier can do, quotes taking too long, the factory is busy,  you wait 2 weeks to get a quote to find out its too expensive or they can’t actually make it.

NanoES offer customers greater flexibility and capacity by acting as a sales channel for multiple vendors, they can give customers the best of all worlds.

One point of contact saving customers time on working with multiple suppliers, getting 3 or 4 quotes, chasing 3 or 4 suppliers and having to answer the same question 3 or 4 times. But, if the need arises where contact with the factory is required, this is perfectly fine, the customer and CEM are welcome to discuss the project or even visit the factory, just see NanoES as an account manager for the supplier. Even if the business needs to be handled directly they remain as the account manager maintaining continuity.

NanoES will initially cost up the BoM, tidying it up with manufacturing information and then pass this to the supplier, reducing the amount of questions being asked of the customer, the CEM can then act more quickly on the quote as the pricing work has already been done.

NanoES have audited the suppliers and will do so on a regular basis, saving customers time and effort in finding a new supplier and then having to arrange a visit.

Ideally suited for Start-Ups and SMEs who would prefer to spend their time focussing on their business than managing multiple manufacturers, or customers who would like a fresh approach to manufacturing.

By having access to multiple factories, we believe this gives NanoES greater flexibility to support the challenges of today’s electronics. It might mean we have prototypes hand assembled for speed or built at CEM1, who are set up for this, but for production we migrate the assembly to CEM2. All seamless to the customer as they are just dealing with one company – NanoES.

Currently, we are able to offer everything from hand assembly & rapid prototyping all the way to volume production across 6 Surface Mount lines, including automated through hole insertion, 3D AOI and Xray, as well as test and box build.

The same single point of contact service is available for both design (Hardware & Software) and PCB layout (Altium, Mentor PADs / Xpedition), a full end to end service. If you have an idea or need some design help, let us know.

As a sales & marketing agency, we can also help customers sell their products into the market if you need support in the early days to get things going, we are already engaged with 2 start ups for this, Herdsy ( ) developing an asset tracking collar for cattle and Crable ( ), who produce a unique charging station – for hospitality and industry, offering compact and convenient charging, with built in USB and Wireless chargers, available in a range of colours and with the opportunity to add bespoke branding.