Data logging in extreme conditions

Without wanting to state the obvious, acquiring and monitoring data in extreme conditions is hazardous, in more ways than one.

For one, it’s rarely risk-free for a human to be involved in acquiring and monitoring, which is why we’re seeing more and more ‘hands-free’ monitoring equipment, where physical monitoring isn’t possible.

The problem isn’t always solved there tough, since the monitoring equipment also needs to be able to withstand extreme conditions, from high heat to very low temperatures.

In these sorts of situations, wired information transfer is possible, but since it’s a challenge to get cables to withstand cold and hot conditions, wireless transmission generally works best.

GB Electronics recently found themselves faced with these exact challenges, and our brand new case study explains how they use Datakey products to overcome them and produce environmental monitoring equipment for Van Walt Limited.   

When you read it, you’ll get a really good feel for how Datakey products work, and where their value lies, as well as giving you ideas for dealing with extreme temperatures.

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