Popular high pin-count connectivity

EDAC introduces its 516 series connectors, designed to offer reliable interconnect in demanding conditions.

Even in the modern age of microelectronics, rack and panel connectors still offer a popular solution, providing engineers with a flexible and reliable method of achieving high pin-count connectivity.

EDAC’s 516 series connectors offer an enviable track record of high performance in harsh environments. With applications across most industrial sectors, the 516 design makes it an invaluable tool for customers who need connectors they can rely on, even under tough conditions.

The hermaphroditic design uses forked blades to provide four points of contact, ensuring a reliable connection even when subjected to shock and vibration. Available with accessories including metal back shells to provide protection and EMI shielding, the 516 series suits applications requiring flexibility and reliability.

For cable mounted applications, the gold-plated contacts are available with crimp termination and can be supplied individually or reeled for high-volume production. Panel mounting options include wire hole and wire wrap. Printed circuit board installations are made easy with through-hole solder tails.

When reliability and flexibility under demanding conditions are vital, the 516 series from EDAC delivers a complete solution.