Inventory underpins supply performance

In this article, Electronics Sourcing asked PEI-Genesis UK’s senior VP and MD Europe, Jonathan Parry, to share intel on the connector marketplace

Q. How is the connector sector performing? What supply chain intel can you share on lead times, logistics and raw material costs?

A. The picture is somewhat varied across Europe depending on the specific market segment. For example, we have seen strong growth in the electric vehicle and military markets throughout the pandemic. PEI Genesis serves a wide range of customers across multiple segments and this is a strength of our global organisation. 

We have seen extended lead-times from the major connector manufacturers over the past 12-months and, as a result, we have invested more in our inventory to continue to offer our customers what they need, when they need it. However, I recognise there have been many shortages and impacts on raw material supply so we try to offer alternative solutions where the customer’s first choice is unavailable.


Q. Historically, PEI Genesis has provided a service where orders are assembled and shipped in 24-hours. How has this service evolved and what is the average order quantity buyers place with you?

A. Average order quantity is still less than 10 pieces, however the spread of orders is growing to encompass larger long-term contracts as well. We work with each customer to understand their project priorities and when they need their connectors. We continue to serve urgent requirements (for example when an aircraft is awaiting a specific part) through to multi-year programs with one of our global strategic accounts.


Q. With assembly facilities in the US, UK and Asia, if a UK-based buyer orders connectors for delivery to the US are the products assembled and shipped from the UK or would PEI transfer assembly to the US plant?

A. Over the past 75-years PEI Genesis has established mirrored connector assembly operations in North America, Europe and Asia. This means we have the flexibility to fulfil a particular order potentially from either one of our three manufacturing facilities, whichever makes the most sense and gives customers the best optimised solution.

Q. Finally, what other advice would you offer purchasing professionals sourcing connectors in today’s challenging marketplace?

A. Definitely to plan ahead and talk to us as soon as possible so our teams can start to work with you to develop a bespoke solution to fulfil your connector requirements. We are ready and waiting to help.