British manufacturing: a roller coaster ride

Texcel explains how its investment in people, relationships, software and machinery is helping it navigate today’s everchanging market 

UK manufacturers are on a roller coaster ride right now, with numerous ups and downs. The good news is the outlook for British manufacturing is extremely good with record increases in output in 2021. The challenges are predominantly supply chain related, due to Brexit and the pandemic. 

Texcel’s ‘new normal’ is constant change and the company has systems in place to continuously review production programmes. The ERP system has been enhanced, offering agility in procurement and manufacturing schedules. The company’s procurement team has a wealth of global component purchasing experience and is working closely with customers on forecasting and forward ordering. 

The combination of financial stability and long-standing relationships with key suppliers means Texcel has increased its stockholding of essential components. Likewise, the company is continually re-investing in capital equipment to improve productivity and efficiency.

The cumulative effect of agility, investments and employees means the company has increased output and client support during these challenging times.