Emergency-Stop Switch Configurator to help engineers and designers

EAO offers a new Emergency-Stop Switch Configurator to help engineers and designers intuitively configure and purchase modular products that meet their individual requirements. EAO’s globally-certified emergency stop switches can be constructed from a wide range of components and configured in a variety of ways to ensure they meet the specific requirements of various industries and applications.

However, this flexibility can sometimes lead to uncertainty when choosing a particular product. With EAO’s E-Stop Switch Configurator, engineers and designers can easily configure more than 130 components and accessories into more than 2,000 different combinations to meet their application needs.

To prevent errors, the system only suggests compatible components, enabling customers to access the correct product as quickly and efficiently as possible. The 3D configuration tool also provides useful visualization features such as real-time photorealistic renderings of components and product configurations. For example, designers can immediately view precise simulations of different material characteristics that affect surface texture or light reflections.

Available on the EAO website, the configuration tool is integrated with a global network of distributors, allowing customers to easily select where they want their order to be completed from. To learn more about EAO’s E-Stop Switch Configurator, please visit