ODU Fibre Optics for reliable optical connections

Whenever the highest data rates and fast, interference‐free transmissions are needed, our highperformance optical technologies deliver quality and stability, serving a wide and demanding range of applications, with a portfolio of solutions including:

■ Expanded Beam technology for harsh environments and high mating cycles.

■ Physical Contact technology for up to 1,000 mating cycles.

■ Fibre only or hybrid versions.

■ Singlemode or multimode fibre

The Expanded Beam technology is an enhanced fiber optic solution, offering high-end transmission characteristics over many mating cycles. The excellent optical insertion and return loss performance remains unchanged, even under mechanical stress and harsh environmental conditions.


Physical Contact solutions are cost‐efficient optical connections that meet all standard requirements for fast and reliable data transmission, characterised by very low insertion loss, which makes up to 1,000 mating cycles possible.

We offer these as ready‐made complete assemblies


ODU Fiber Optic products are ideal for medical technology, industrial outdoor applications and mass-interconnect scenarios. These technologies are available in circular and modular connectors and can also be supplied as a customised fully-assembled fibre optic system

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