Growing AC/DC converter range

Recom’s E-K series has been expanded with the 20W RAC20E-K/277 AC/DC converter. Features include OVCIII rating up to 2000m altitude (OVCII up to 5000 m) and an operating temperature range of -40 to 90°C with derating, suiting the device to harsh environment applications such as auxiliary power supplies in roadside EV chargers, industrial environments and test and measurement. Household applications with a nominal voltage of 277VAC can also benefit from the power density.

Measuring 52.7 by 27.6mm, the design has the same dimensions as the 20W K-Series modules and is compatible with other industry standards through different pinning.

Isolation rating is 4kVAC and input range is 85 to 305VAC. Single outputs of 5, 12 or 24V are available, each with over 80 per cent efficiency. Idle power consumption is less than 200mW, meeting ECO guidelines.

The RAC20E-K/277 is UL/IEC/ EN 62368-1 and IEC/EN 61558- 1/2-16 certified. No additional external components are required to comply with the EMC limits of EN 55032, Class B.