Enhanced overvoltage protection in stock

Farnell is now stocking Bourns’ IsoMOV protectors. Applications for these overvoltage protectors include electric vehicle charging systems; industrial power supplies; power line communications; high-speed information; and communication technology (ICT) equipment. 

The integrated GDT and MOV hybrid design provides a solution designed to solve MOV failure issues while delivering enhanced surge performance, operational life and reliability.  

The company states users can tailor or upgrade surge protection without making performance, size, cost or redesign compromises, doing away with larger, generally lower-performing and often more expensive surge protection design alternatives. 

Bourns’ Circuit Protection Division vice president/general manager, Craig Shipley, said: “I commend the entire team that made IsoMOV protectors possible and for their success in remedying a complex circuit protection issue for designers. This efficient design gives designers a space-saving, higher performing and generally less expensive option. No longer will engineers have to make trade-offs in order to meet their protection needs.”