Sensor saves 75 per cent board space

Mouser Electronics is stocking the Xensiv PAS CO² carbon dioxide sensor from Infineon Technologies. Based on photoacoustic spectroscopy (PAS), the sensor uses a MEMS microphone to detect the pressure change generated by CO² molecules within the sensor cavity. The company states the result is a miniaturised sensor that offers space savings of more than 75 per cent in end products compared to other sensors on the market. 

The sensor integrates a photoacoustic transducer—including detector, infrared source and optical filter—plus a microcontroller for signal processing and algorithms and a Mosfet to drive the infrared source. The microcontroller converts the microphone output into a ppm reading, which is available either via the serial I²C, UART or PWM interface. Range is zero to 10,000ppm with an accuracy of ± 30ppm or ±3 per cent of the reading. 

The sensor’s direct ppm readings, surface mounting capability and simple design allow for fast integration into low and high-volume applications such as smart home and building automation designs, demand-controlled ventilation, air purifiers, thermostats, weather stations, and personal assistants.