Simplifying IoT device authentication

NXP Semiconductors has announced a new device in its EdgeLock secure authenticator family, designed to help ensure security across multiple standards in various IoT ecosystems. The EdgeLock A5000 is a scalable solution for authentication applications including IoT, smart city infrastructure and connected industrial equipment.

Authentication verifies device identities during secure communication, assessing whether data comes from trustworthy sources; checking authenticity of product sub-components to ensure overall systems integrity, product safety and performances; or verifying the authenticity of a product or component.

NXP’s senior director of IoT security and smart products authentication, Christian Lackner, said: “Authentication is pivotal to establish trust in secure devices within IoT ecosystems, but at the same time, implementing it is a challenging endeavour. The EdgeLock A5000 makes the development of secure devices easy and scalable, allowing developers to focus on differentiating their IoT solution.”