Engineered for medical

Specifically designed for MRI systems, ODU has introduced semi-automated soldering for micro-coax, RG178 and RG316 contacts—replacing crimping and providing improved lead times. These MRI cable assemblies also offer MR balun tuning, single, 4, 8, 16, 32-channel cables and are available in small/medium batches and volume production.

ODU also offers 100 per cent end-of-line automatic testing on each cable and assembly, including tests for insertion and withdrawal forces, hi-pot and conductivity.

Consistent performance and failure protection are important in medical technology. As an interface specialist, ODU can help produce safe, functional and elegant designs for medical equipment manufacturers.

From MRI equipment to endoscopy, ODU designs its connectors in compliance with regulations and applicable standards including IEC6061-1 and MDR 2021. Solutions include: sterilisable and autoclavable;     EMC/EMI shielding; glass-fibre, hybrid and non-magnetic connection options; waterproof (IP50, IP67 and IP68) and hermetically-sealed options; and optional cable bend-relief and cable over-mouldings.