Diodes, rectifiers, FETs and more

Mouser Electronics has announced a global distribution agreement with Diotec Semiconductor, offering the company’s range of diodes, rectifiers, FETs and voltage regulators for commercial and industrial-grade applications.

SMD current-limiting diodes (CL15M45/CL20M/CL40M45) deliver parallel operation for higher current intensity, providing a durable, high-performance solution for applications such as low-power LED drivers and battery chargers. Offering 1W power dissipation, 0.5V reverse voltage and an operating junction temperature of -50 to 150°C, the diodes provide commercial-grade performance in an SMB package.

N-channel enhancement mode FETs (MMBT7002K) suit signal processing, logic level converter and driver applications. The FETs offer ESD-protected gate fast switching times, plus an operating junction temperature of -55 to 150°C. Features include 350mW power dissipation, 20V gate-source voltage and 60V drain-source voltage.