Clad wire meets aerospace requirements

Anomet has introduced custom clad metal wire that can combine up to three materials to achieve the specific properties required in aerospace solar arrays and satellites.

The wire combines up to three materials to achieve properties such as oxidation and corrosion-resistance, plus operation at cryogenic to 1200°C temperatures. Featuring two per cent or more cladding thickness, it can incorporate a gold, silver, palladium or platinum exterior layer. Internal layers can include copper, Inconel, Kovar, nickel-iron, niobium, Nitinol, molybdenum, stainless steel, tantalum and titanium.

Suited for hostile environments the wire products are metallurgically bonded, making them more reliable than plated products.  Wire is offered in sizes from 0.004 to 0.060in OD with claddings from 14 to 38 per cent by weight and 4.5 to 55 microns, depending on diameter.

Anomet’s composite clad metal wire is priced according to materials and configuration and is approximately one-tenth the cost of solid products.