Power portfolio grows

Sager Electronics has added Bel Power Solutions and CUI product brands to its portfolio. BPS specializes in power products (25W to 25kW) for server architecture, storage, networking and telecommunications, while CUI offers a range of lower power (0.5 to 550W) power supplies.

Sager Electronics’ supplier marketing and product manager, Kristin Bryant, said: “Already the largest distributor of power supplies in North America, the addition of these brands enables Sager to offer our customers an even broader specialized power product offering.”

Bel Power Solutions and Protection’s president, Dennis Ackerman, added: “Sager’s expertise specifying and selling power supply products, coupled with their customization and value-add capabilities, makes them an ideal distribution partner for our Bel Power Solutions and CUI product lines. We look forward to our expanded relationship with Sager in developing new power customers with Bel’s wide and diverse product offerings.”