SBC takes on tough tasks

Newark is now stocking DFRobot’s LattePanda 3 Delta single board computer. The board is a pocket-sized hackable computer (125 by 78 by 16mm) which supports Linux, Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Newark’s head of single board computing, Romain Soreau, said: “LattePanda 3 Delta is poised to define a new era of computing and will be a driving force behind new levels of creativity for developers, tech enthusiasts and industry innovators. Designed as the world’s most compact SBC, LattePanda 3 Delta is an exceptional board for space constrained applications which require high performance such as AI localization, robotics, smart factory, home automation, gaming and handheld devices.”

LattePanda Team’s CMO, Sandy Zhang, added: “LattePanda Team is very proud to cooperate with Newark/Farnell on this launch. It delivers an exciting message to our customers that they can immediately acquire our high-performance and hackable LattePanda 3 Delta anywhere in the world. Our collaboration ensures we can provide even higher levels of customer service.”