Diodes protect automotive data interfaces

Nexperia has extended its portfolio of ESD protection diodes which is designed to protect high-speed data lines such as USB 3.2, HDMI 2.0, LVDS, automotive A/V monitors, displays and cameras. The portfolio also aims to address upcoming high-speed video-links as well as OPEN Alliance MGbit ethernet applications.

Latest additions include PESD5V0C1BLS-Q and PESD5V0C1ULS-Q, both two-pin single line devices with compact DFN1006BD-2 package for optimized routing flexibility. Also, PESD5V0C2UM and PESD5V0C2UM-Q are available as three-pin devices for both differential lines in DFN1006-3. All variants come in leadless packages to improve electrical performance and signal integrity.

Electrostatic discharge voltage clamping diodes protect data interfaces in automotive subsystems from damage. However, they must not degrade data signal integrity or negatively impact the EMC performance of the system. Nexperia states its long-standing expertise in the design of ESD protection solutions has allowed these diodes to provide best-in-class signal integrity performance because of their ultra-low device capacitance: as low as 0.3pF.